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CASE STUDY: 'The Grocer Dynamic Content Campaign' for the Grocer by Mabox

To reinforce The Grocer's brand leader position, the marketing team initiated a bold step forward with a ‘fresh' subscription campaign that would achieve cut-through and secure more subscriptions to its printed magazine - all the more pertinent during economic downturn.

To successfully communicate with a broad target audience and ultimately persuade them to subscribe, Mabox created a sophisticated two-pronged direct marketing campaign comprising DM and email, in conjunction with personalised URLs (PURLs).

The innovative and impactful campaign used dynamic technology to create a personalised communications. Using The Grocer magazine as a DM tool was powerful, allowing the quality of the content speak for itself. In utilising the magazine as the vehicle but personalising the cover so that the content and the offer was highly relevant to the recipient, the campaign brought a unique approach to the publishing sector.