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CASE STUDY: Hay Group's 'Billion Dollar Behaviour'

Hay Group is undergoing a global internal communications drive to establish new brand values. Nine 'brand behaviours' will form a central part of staff training and assessments.

Hay Group required high levels of awareness among staff of these brand behaviours, the rationale underpinning them and the impact their application will have.
Because of pre-existing activities, the campaign had to run over six months. Concep Evolution's challenge was to sustain interest among staff in a teaser campaign operating for this amount of time.

By the programme's end, 96 per cent of staff had engaged with the campaign. With 3141 employees in 86 offices across 55 countries, this near universal exposure to the new brand behaviours among Hay Group staff meant Concep Evolution had outstripped the client's expectation. As a result of stringent reporting and vigilant monitoring at all stages, Concep Evolution was able to identify issues, adapt to challenges and maintain a highly-effective strategy.