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CASE STUDY: Intervoice digital marketing

Texas-based Intervoice is a world leader in using voice to automate customer services. With European offices in the UK, Germany and the Netherlands, regional offices throughout Asia, South America, the Middle East and Africa it is a global company facing global communications challenges.

Intervoice's solutions mix ranges from voice messaging to IVR (Interactive Voice Response) systems to speech driven applications, with their sales channels covering the corporate enterprise market and mobile carriers - often via a network of resellers and partners. Customers include O2, Telefonica, Mastercard, Citibank and Vodafone.

Whilst online media are a crucial part of the overall communications strategy, search marketing is of particular interest to Intervoice, chiefly as a tool to drive traffic to its websites, but also as a means to gauge market movements and learn more about potential customers. It currently runs multiple campaigns via the Google and Overture search marketing systems.