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CASE STUDY: 'Judgement Day' wins Best integrated B2B marketing campaign for Stanley

Stanley is a world leader in the design, development and delivery of hand tools and tools storage products. The FatMax XL range of innovative professional hand tools was developed in response to the need of professional users and the demands of today's construction methods and materials. The campaign was designed to launch the new range of tools and reinvigorate Stanley brands to professional tradesmen who had become disillusioned with both the company and its products

Research conducted with professional users shows that traditional hand tools were
often used for a wide range of jobs for which they were never designed. Health and safety and efficiency were both subsequently affected by such eclectic use of tools. Having listened to their customers, Stanley combined features and benefits to develop FatMax XL range.

The campaign was aimed at professional tradesmen working either on a building site or self-employed, and who have a professional reputation to maintain.
The broad business objectives were to position Stanley as the brand of choice for professional tradesmen, and to increase sales of FatMax XL products and by association the rest of the company's range. Specific objectives were to: