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CASE STUDY: 'Junos Software' wins best use of email 2009 for Juniper Networks

In the summer of 2008, Juniper Networks undertook a big challenge - to take rival Cisco head on by offering faster, more reliable and less expensive technology. The IT solutions provider knew that it couldn't outdo the market leader, but did know that it could build on its small but loyal customer base, and make Cisco users consider what they might be missing.

A campaign was devised to promote Juniper's core offering Junos - a single operating system that ingrates routing, switching and security services. Network engineers wanting to become more effective in their work, or who were seeking an overview of Junos as an alternative to Cisco, were considered primary targets.  Because the target market was IT specialists, an email and online strategy was deemed the perfect way to reach them.

Juniper used its existing customer base to market Junos. It put together a microsite, dubbed J-Central, which delivered videocasts complete with presentations, application sharing and interactive Q&A sessions each month with Junos experts.  In addition, a remote lab was built, providing targeted accounts with exclusive access to Juniper technology so that they could try before buying. User interaction and feedback was encouraged throughout, adding user generated content to the information already provided. Before long, J-Central was buzzing with activity.