CASE STUDY: LBM increase Onetel's market share and become main partners

Onetel positions itself as the UK's leading alternative communications company. Part of Centrica, which also owns British Gas, it provides telephone and Internet services to over 50,000 business customers.

LBM approached Onetel in mid-2004 with a view to handling an outbound campaign to increase its market share in the B2B sector, and, in particular, the SME market. Onetel agreed to run a test campaign with 10 operators, including LBM. Successful completion of the pilot campaign would lead to a wider UK roll-out.

From tactical to strategic
The pilot campaign was a success for LBM and within six weeks the outbound team, which started at 10 agents, had been ramped-up to around 40 operators. Initially the campaign was an out-and-out land-grab to increase Onetel's share in this market. Michael Winniczuk, business development manager at LBM, comments, "In the beginning it was targeting SMEs, large businesses - absolutely everybody - but the approach was tailored appropriately after analysis."