CASE STUDY: 'London City Day 2010' for SunGard

London City Day is one of SunGard’s biggest events. In 2010 it was designed to promote our campaign focused around the three pillars that we saw supporting the ongoing development of worldwide financial services: transparency, efficiency and networks (TEN).

London City Day 2010 was a full day event and exhibition. 750 customers and prospects attended from all areas of the financial industry, taking part in discussions about the Transparency, Efficiency and Networks theme.

The day centred around a general session led by Jeremy Grant, editor of the Financial Times’s Trading Room section (a key journalist for much of our business); Sir Howard Davies, director of the London School of Economics and former head of the FSA, the UK’s financial regulation body; Xavier Rolet, chief executive of the London Stock Exchange; and Till Guldimann, vice chairman of SunGard.