CASE STUDY: MatsSoft overcame rebrand challenges to strengthen sales to new clients

MatsSoft provides web-based solutions that join up workflow management, communication tools and real-time performance monitoring. One of its solutions, MATS (Multi Application Tracker System), is aimed at financial services and healthcare organisations, as well as the public sector, and helps speed up the completion of everyday operations including applications and claims.

After several years of organic growth through referral, MatsSoft embarked on a strategy to further increase sales of MATS by targeting new client groups, both directly and through channel partners. Since the solution is adaptable to a multitude of business activities and sectors, a key challenge was to create a single brand identity and messaging structure that would resonate at different levels. Targets could include CEOs, IT leaders, department heads, operational chiefs, marketing teams and customer service managers.

An additional challenge was that as an innovative proposition, MATS would not fit singularly into any existing service category such as CRM, workflow management solution (WMS) or business process management (BPM). Instead it occupied a niche of its own, without any established shorthand. While flexibility and dynamism were key strengths of the solution, simple definitions were difficult. It also needed to differentiate itself from competitors.