CASE STUDY: MyDrive Solutions

MyDrive Solutions, a UK-based B2B technology start-up, began with an ambition to establish itself as a key player in the specialist vertical market of insurance telematics – the collection of driver behaviour data for insurers to calculate the level of risk presented by each individual. 

MyDrive enlisted the services of ITPR in order to raise the profile of the previously unknown company, who in turn created a bespoke PR campaign, based on thought leadership and SEO. Detailed web analytics demonstrated results derived from the first six months of the campaign that led to MyDrive being recognised as an undisputed heavyweight in the insurance telematics arena. 

Thought leadership tactics

Targeting the insurance market, MyDrive Solutions was more than aware that its market was that of limited size and fast development – two factors that made PR an essential element of the marketing strategy. PR, unlike many other strands of the marketing mix, could quickly provide high impact, targeted media splash and regular content to feed other marketing activities.

But as like many fledgling companies, MyDrive had little or no profile in its target media, no search engine presence for its key terms and was yet to acquire customers who could recommend its product or services.

ITPR formulated a specifically tailored PR campaign, based primarily on thought leadership and SEO. Opinion articles and soundbites on topical issues were designed to give MyDrive and its key spokespeople a platform in influential trade publications from which to emerge as experts in the field.

PR push

Opinion articles, soundbites and topical commentary were secured in core insurance and niche technology publications – including Post Magazine, Insurance Insight, Telematics Update and the front cover feature of The Actuary.

Alongside this, one-to-one interviews were set up between MyDrive’s primary spokesperson and various key journalists, analysts and editors – resulting in significant additional exposure for the company in Fleet News and Intelligent Transport Systems and also in influential analysts’ reports from ABI Research. 

As a result, MyDrive emerged as a credible contender in the insurance telematics market, alongside – and often in place of – other longer-established companies in the insurance telematics field. Linden Holliday, CEO of MyDrive Solutions, commented, “The campaign pushed MyDrive’s opinions and views on the market into publications that we knew were regularly read by exactly the people we wanted to talk directly to. This approach was absolutely vital to get our message in front of the right people at the right time. The campaign quickly gained traction and brought our company name to the attention of influential figures in our target market.” 

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