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CASE STUDY: 'Nortel Tornado' wins Best use of data 2008 for Nortel

Nortel had developed the concept ‘hyperconnectivity' to describe the current state of technology in which the number and type of devices connected to networks are growing. Segmetrix was briefed to raise awareness of the Nortel brand and generate demand for its unified communications among senior business and IT decision makers.

Using information from Segmetrix's ongoing company research, Dun & Bradstreet, Rhetorik, and Nortel's CRM data, Segmetrix collated information about the top 15,000 companies in the UK market. Ingredients from the data collected were used to feed Segmetrix models to work out how profitable customers were acquired, developed and retained and for calculating buying propensities at the company level. There were six stages:

By these means Segmetrix prioritised the different clusters in descending order of ROI potential. The estimation was used to determine which companies would receive the high value 3D marketing campaigns, standard direct mail, and would be contacted by Nortel's internal sales force.