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CASE STUDY: 'One Source' by CBC for FLSmidth

Client's business and market situation
FLSmidth is a leading supplier of complete facilities, equipment, spare parts, know-how, service and maintenance for: (1) cement plants worldwide and (2) the mining, processing and transport of a number of different ores and minerals. The company offers everything required to design, build and operate profi table facilities - from planning through project management and commissioning, including complete operations and maintenance (O&M) services.

Until recently, the cement side of the business was substantially larger than the minerals side, and the company was known as FLSmidth Minerals in one market and as FLSmidth Cement in the other. Consequently, FLSmidth's reputation as a market leader was strong within the cement industry but less well established within the minerals segment. Additionally - on both the cement and minerals sides of the business - growth through subsidiary company and product acquisitions had gradually diluted the central brand.

FLSmidth management determined that aligning the brand across activities and throughout global markets would enable the company to signifi cantly increase its brand impact and business success.