CASE STUDY: 'Oracle Powerdays webcast series' for Oracle by Marketing Options International

Oracle is a global vendor of business software and hardware systems. In 2003 it embarked on an ambitious acquisition strategy which has seen it buy 69 technology companies to date. The challenge for Oracle now is to communicate the benefits of over 5000 individual products to organisations of all sizes across the globe.

To address this challenge in the Asia-Pacific region, Oracle enlisted Marketing Options International (MOI) to manage the rollout and marketing of a series of ‘Powerdays’ webcasts introducing Oracle products to a diverse audience of IT and business executives in over 40 countries. The objective was to deliver qualified leads to Oracle sales and build a community to nurture.

MOI drew on its knowledge of local country markets and its international campaign management expertise to deliver localised marketing communications in three languages to promote each webcast. MOI also tailored the content of each webcast to local cultural practices while still respecting Oracle’s global branding and messaging.