CASE STUDY: 'Quote Unquote' runner up best lead generation campaign for Barclays Local Business

Barclays offers small businesses banking packages across a full suite of transactional, savings and lending products, plus a range of practical support services.

Its objective was to generate leads to increase the number of small businesses calling to open an account, with a view to acquiring a total of 23,900 new customers. To do this, it needed to overcome the cynicism associated that had come to be associated with banks and show that Barclays was open for business.

Small business owners with a company turnover of less than £1 million and budding entrepreneurs were the focus. Barclays used existing customer testimonials as the basis for its campaign. The rationale was that using real customer examples put all customers and potential customers at the heart of the communications - and made the messages relevant and compelling because they were formed of the voice of customers themselves.