CASE STUDY: 'Recruiting the recruiters' for Parasol by Marketecture

With 70 per cent of new client referrals coming from recruiters, PAYE umbrella company, Parasol, needed to keep front of mind with agency staff. Marketecture devised a strategic programme of integrated nurturing activity to engage distinct buyer personas within the recruitment agency ranks.

Issues-based content was created to capture senior decision makers by highlighting hidden employment services industry practices that could be jeopardising recruiters’ reputations. As peer-to-peer contact was considered important at this level, an intriguing DM piece directed recipients to a (personalised URL) pURL, where they were addressed by Parasol’s CEO via a highly personalised online experience, including a personalised video message. Meanwhile, frontline recruiters were hit with an online viral game, ‘Commission Mission’ that tapped into their characteristically competitive nature. Parasol distributed oversized foam hands featuring the URL for the game. As well as placing Parasol front of mind, the game achieved the key objective of capturing data from this notoriously transient group.

The results speak for themselves but as a lead nurturing campaign first and foremost, the biggest testament to the campaign’s success is affirmation that the sales team built new one-on-one relationships with recruiters they’d  previously been unable to reach.