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CASE STUDY: Reeves' email campaign for ScienceDirect College Edition

Over a quarter of the world's full text scientific articles available in one scientific research database: ScienceDirect. The ScienceDirect College Edition provides colleges with affordable access to dedicated subject packages in the physical, social and health sciences. Faculty and students can get access to a vast collection of high-quality journal articles online, complemented by authoritative reference works.

The company had recently reviewed its existing licensing model, which had subsequently led to an expansion of the information available on ScienceDirect College Edition. It was decided that a campaign should be developed to promote this and that would pick up on Elsevier's (a ScienceDirect College edition product known for being expensive,  and therefore not a popular option for librarians with tight budgets) bad image and promote the high-value content to faculty and students as users of the product.

Separating fact from fiction