CASE STUDY: 'Rejuvinating the customer conversation' for Lombard Group by Purestone

At the start of 2010 Lombard embarked on a journey to revitalise its brand and proposition. Despite being market dominant within the asset finance space market research from customers, prospects and the wider financial community indicated there was still a lot of work to do if was to cement and further strengthen its position. Add to this a tough economic climate and a tentative customer mindset and Lombard were facing a very steep challenge – one it had little choice but to face.

A central part of the strategies success was hooked around the retention and reinvigoration of its existing customer base. Long term strategic partner and digital specialist Purestone were brought in to shape and deliver a sustained 12 month online engagement programme. With education, interactivity and the principle of the ‘personal customer journey’ at its heart Purestone implemented a multi layered campaigns strategy spanning email, web and online applications.

The results have been consistently exceptional. Careful segmentation of the 40,000 strong customer database gave rise to key insights to help support and drive email campaigns that delivered unique open rates of 43 per cent. Click through rates of 25 per cent+ across campaign microsites and applications saw a customer conversion rate of 12 per cent.