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CASE STUDY: 'Siemens IT solutions and services' for Siemens by IAS B2B Marketing


The client company
Siemens is a huge company, but in making its outsourced IT division independent and launching the new brand it was taking on some of the worlds biggest.

Everyone dreams of revolutionising their market but the conditions are rarely right. As we looked into the IT market we discovered a major opportunity to do just that. Thought leaders and forward thinking companies were debating, and practising, the end of IT and the start of something more useful to the leaner, greener 21st Century organisation. They called it Business Technology, born from the need to align business strategy with technology. The CIO’s role was changing from the biggest IT guy to a master operational strategist. And he knew that ‘information’ is too small a word to cover the role of chnology in modern business. A category was forming before our eyes. Business Technology was a category in the making. And the more we looked around at SIS competitors, the more we realised Business Technology was a category for the taking.