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CASE STUDY: 'Summerschool' for Juniper by Base One

About the client company
Juniper Networks provides hardware and software that enable secure, assured communications over a single IP network. At the core of Juniper's offering is JUNOS, a single operating system that integrates routing, switching, data storing and backup as well as security services.

Making an impression and getting noticed for offering something different is an ongoing challenge with a giant like Cisco dominating the market. So Juniper understood that the best way for customers and potential customers to really understand how they represent a true alternative to Cisco was to get them to interact with JUNOS and learn about the system. Ultimately, they would go on to gain certifications which would give them confidence when using or recommending Juniper's unique single operating system.

To achieve this, Juniper's strategy has been focused on helping their audience reach that proficiency by communicating with them on a regular basis, offering many opportunities for learning, from face-to-face training boot-camps to online live events, from videos from Juniper's top experts to online live classes and virtual lab environments to safely practise what's been learned, as well as a solid informational platform.