CASE STUDY: 'Swinton mystery tipper' wins Best lead generation campaign for Swinton Taxi Division

Swinton Taxi Division is an insurance broker that provides insurance policies to taxi drivers, both priCvate and public hire in a very competitive market. To create awareness of Swinton and persuade cabbies to phone for an insurance quote, each year the firm runs a prize draw at its exhibitions - the prize in previous years being a holiday.

But its new 'Swinton mystery tipper' campaign turned a one-off prize draw into a year-long promotion. The target audience was hard-working, no-nonsense people who drive the unforgiving streets so getting cabbies to take an interest in a campaign about insurance was never going to be easy.

Work of fiction
The campaign was to give cabbies the biggest tip of their lives. A mysterious woman would hand out £1000 tips to lucky cabbies who displayed a Swinton sticker in their cab windows. To get the sticker, taxi drivers had to call Swinton for an insurance quote. Enclosed within the quote was the sticker drawn in the style of a 1950s strip cartoon showing a woman with a distinctive orange trilby, upturned collar with the lower part of her face hidden behind a fan of notes.