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CASE STUDY: 'Take control' for TNT by 438 Marketing

Imagine you're one of the four biggest global couriers in the world. With 75,000 employees operating in over 220 countries moving 4.4 million parcels, documents and pieces of freight a week.

Now imagine trying to implement a new, improved product or service within this framework. The complexities are vast: not only in educating internal colleagues but also in promoting and delivering growth to existing and prospective customers. And doing this at a time of a global economic downturn.

This required a focused, controlled, innovative and effective marketing strategy. A unique B2B concept which stimulated the senses and work for all participating countries. An off and on-line campaign with 360° integrated thinking for maximum budget amplification across all communication channels. A solution which would deliver 7,731,889 Euro incremental revenue across 60 countries in the 22 weeks since launch.