CASE STUDY: 'TEN' by SunGard

SunGard’s ‘TEN’ campaign focuses around three pillars that SunGard see supporting the ongoing development of worldwide financial services: transparency, efficiency and networks (TEN). These areas were chosen to provide a common voice to the many different aspects of the financial industry that the business addresses and to resonate with SunGard customers globally.

The campaign has been centred around a website which acted as a hub for all activity, most notably the series of fifteen events which were held around the world. The content on this website ranges from traditional materials through to social media where the business has pioneered the use of this tool in financial services.

SunGard hosted city day events in locations from Sao Paulo to Abu Dhabi and Johannesburg to Mumbai. Via these events, the ‘TEN’ campaign was translated for every region, ensuring that SunGard was presented as a locally relevant business but with the scale and reach of a global leader.