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CASE STUDY: Thales 2008/09 brand and services campaign

AGA/Gravity had already been working with Thales for nearly two years, creating a simple campaign to try to explain the breadth of solutions it was capable of across a broad range of aerospace and defence niches.

But a new problem began to emerge once customers understood that Thales made lots of different types of system: how to sum up what the company does, regardless of any particular niche we might be marketing in at any given moment. In comparison to its big competitors like Lockheed Martin and EADS what was it that Thales did better than anyone else. They all claimed to make 'mission critical systems' so why should Thales get the job of being the principle supplier (or systems integrator)?

AGA/Gravity's planning department set about a series of internal focus groups as well as customer interviews and the answer was devilishly simple, yet breathtakingly impressive: in short, our planners said, Thales build 'Minds for machines'. An aircraft is just a dumb airframe without Thales avionics and control systems. It can't take off, fly or land.