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CASE STUDY: 'The Unfair Advantage' runner up for Best use of data for Experian

Experian's National Business Database (NBD) provides marketers with targeted lists through to intelligent database analysis, data analytics and strategic marketing solutions. To achieve objectives of 30 per cent from new business, and a 30 per cent appointment rate, Experian needed to identify customers and prospects that required value-added B2B marketing products and services and nurture them into long-term strategic relationships.

Data was collected from many sources and included e-mail contacts as well as traditional mailing and telephone details. This was first de-duped then mapped over the target profile before being modelled to identify two tiers of prospects as defined by the opportunity and size of business, as well as turnover and number of employees. 

Once the final dataset was collated, it was checked in house before being validated by telephoning the various contacts. Customer research and agency sales workshops were also used to enrich the data and differentiate between the various contacts and their differing level and scope of responsibility. The clarification and specification of the various contacts led not only to the pinpointing of senior personnel who would receive high-value DM communications but also to the generation of several appointments before the campaign had been completed.