CASE STUDY: 'Unlocking the promise of the world's research' by Marketecture for Reed Elsevier/ SciVal

About the client company

Executives in academic research departments are facing new challenges and access to reliable research intelligence now plays a critical role in scientific discovery and funding.

Elsevier identified that its postion as a content provider was being challenged by new market entrants with aggressive pricing strategies, and even offering content for free. To address this, and an increasing trend for multidisciplinary research and collaboration, Elsevier revisited its strategy and set about the launch of SciVal Spotlight in FY09. As the first in a series of new 'tools' to be promoted under the SciVal brand, Spotlight allows research institutions to view and analyse the structure of science at global level. This effective online interface provides insights that assist strategy, collaboration, funding, recruitment and strategy decisions. But while the product was well received by focus groups, a key challenge remained - to convince 'buyers' of the business case for a six figure investment.