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CASE STUDY: 'Veolia Environmental Services' brand campaign by ISA B2B Marketing for Veolia Environmental Services

The client company
Veolia Environmental Services is the largest UK waste management organisation employing almost 12,500 employees across the spectrum of services in waste management and cleaning.

Until 2009 Veolia had managed it's functional communications effectively but its marketing strategy had really only lived up to the generic view of the industry - Veolia was indistinguishable from its competitors' brands. But the generic perception didn't do justice to the reality (in Veolia's case anyway), nor the changing attitudes in a marketplace looking for a leader on the new issues of waste. The challenge was enormous. But, in light of the fact that every other waste management company seemed content to be the bin men, so was the opportunity. We wanted one marketing and communications strategy to re-engage our stakeholders, redefine our brand and, in one fell swoop, the industry.

Phase one
Who is the market and what do they think of us?
It's only when you see a market mapped out like this in a Web of Influence that you realise the true scope of your marketing task.