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CASE STUDY: Vodafone and Information Arts - Prospector

Information Arts has been a valued partner to Vodafone for over 6 years. In that time the business has completely changed in its approach to B2B lead generation in the UK.

In their most recent collaboration, started in 2009, Information Arts was briefed to improve Vodafone Enterprise UK’s prospect targeting. Information Arts advocated a strategic nurturing approach, instead of the single channel and adhoc method previously employed.. Vodafone recognised that it is vital to treat information about potential customers as valuable assets, so they tasked Information Arts to propose and develop a solution that could rapidly increase revenue cost effectively and measurably, reducing operating costs in line with reduced budgets.

Vodafone needed a continuous pipeline of high quality prospects, nurtured to the point of decision-making, which they could then pass to sales to convert into valuable new contracts.  To execute this Information Arts proposed a bespoke and integrated system that would deliver multi-channel communications to prospects selected from a tuned, segmented prospect database.