CASE STUDY: We are Sodexo Prestige, by Sodexo Prestige


 On the menu for Sodexo Prestige in 2010 was a restructuring of the company, leading to a new and exciting recipe. Its secret ingredients? Their employees and the passion for the food they create every day. It’s an age-old saying, happy employees are better employees, so focusing an internal campaign around passion for good food and the amazing stories that sprang from within the organisation was Sodexo Prestige’s answer to the restructure, which saw two different areas of the business come together towards one common goal. In an industry where mass catering conjured up images of production line food created by uninspired people, Sodexo Prestige was up against tough competition. Not only were these feelings external to the company, but also within its own employee group.

Made up of email, direct mail and online components the campaign used stunning imagery and inspiring tales of those who create good food every day, and how much they love doing it. ’We are Sodexo Prestige’ is an example of a well targeted, meaningful marketing campaign leading to a more unified, informed and engaged internal community.