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CASE STUDY: 'When three become one' for Kaseya by Metia

Kaseya’s software automatically monitors, manages and maintains IT infrastructures. Its customers are managed service providers (MSPs) – companies that manage IT departments on an outsourced, remote basis.

Kaseya had reached market saturation of the smaller end of the market where the sales process was relatively simple. But Kaseya soon discovered that the sales process with larger MSPs was much more complex, requiring buy-in from sales, IT and the CEO, resulting in only one deal closed in 2010.

Metia’s campaign, 'When three become one', identified the very different imperatives of these stakeholders and targeted them as individuals with a variety of highly tailored approaches. Ranging from traditional direct market, to video case studies, and analyst reports, each step of the campaign was specifically designed to bring the three stakeholders together and create the business imperative to unite in the choice of Kaseya technology.