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CASE STUDY: 'You'll find us' runner up for Best use of advertising for Thales

Thales is one of France's biggest companies, selling mission-critical systems to aerospace and defence companies internationally.  Having expanded its area of operations, Thales was able to develop on its offerings, yet no one seemed to have noticed.  The campaign was designed to bring attention to this and build awareness of Thales' scope of activity.

Division of Labour
Research carried out in the UK, France and North America showed that most customers were not aware of Thales' other areas of product activity. The company needed to communicate these without creating mass confusion. The first task was to develop an advertising hierarchy to minimise the confusion that might be created by dozens of new advertisements and messages.

The messaging for the corporate level concentrated on the brand story about a safer world; sectors were told about big systems for the major categories of civil, defence, etc.; the platform level featured individual solutions for individual products.