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Michelin: Thirst for knowledge

The UK haulage industry consumes millions of gallons of fuel a year. This makes up a significant proportion of fleet costs, and fuel costs are rising. Choosing the right tyre and using tyre management principles of wheel alignment, tyre pressure and regrooving helps to reduce fuel consumption, and therefore, costs.

Michelin Tyre is already recognised for the superior performance of its tyres, so it commissioned agency IAS Smarts to devise a campaign, which rather than helping to increase sales, was geared at raising the level of understanding of the link between fuel costs, fuel consumption and correct tyre management. Establishing Michelin as an authority on the issue, as well as forming part of its commitment to environmental issues, were also important objectives of the campaign.

The target audience consisted of finance directors, transport managers and owner-drivers within the trucking industry; the individuals most concerned with operating costs and understanding the importance of good tyre management. The concept of 'rolling resistance', which refers to the fact that tyres can account for up to 60 per cent of the total resistance opposing the vehicle's movement, and the principles of tyre management, are not easily understood or practiced by a majority of the audience, so the challenge was to relay the information across in a simple and effective way.