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'Take Control' for TNT by 438 Marketing

About TNT
"Importing with TNT has never been faster, easier or with the customer more in control.
We have the leading edge in the industry, and it is right that we back the service
with a high visibility campaign" Soren Hoegh, director of product management and development, TNT Express

Importing is a lucrative and expanding sector within the global Courier market. Historically, TNT Express had not focused their marketing attentions in this area. However, during 2009, the completion of substantial improvements to their online systems plus major developments to their global-road-air network meant that the brand was now in a position to go to market with a leading Import proposition.

Doing so would demand a campaign which would launch this offering and raise awareness of its import capabilities for prospective and existing customers worldwide. The major attributes on offer from TNT's Express Import service - global network capability, control and ease of use were underpinned by the Company's heritage in this sector - expertise, security and professionalism.