B2B creative of the month

This month's leading creative from the B2B space includes a hackable agency logo, charity visits to Kenya and a video poking fun at the dangers of poor advertising


Duck, duck, hack

Creative of the month: April B2B Marketing

Digital agency Cyber-Duck has invited passers-by to hack its logo.

Based in Farringdon, the company is encouraging people to play around with the window display of its logo by logging onto their smartphones, changing the colours and re-naming a logo version of their own.

The initiative is a perfect example of how B2B companies can encourage people to directly interact with their brands.


Paying for lunch with a fist bump

B2B creative of the month: April marketing

Braintree, a PayPal company, took to the streets of London to offer workers mouth-watering lunches. And the best part? You didn’t even have to use any money.

Called ‘Accept Anything’, the food truck served over 900 meals with visitors paying with anything they liked. Highlights included a tech poet with a limerick, a Justin Bieber rendition and a loving couple’s signature dance move.

The campaign highlighted the power of positive sentiment to create brand awareness and generate social interest.


Stressed Londoners encouraged to take a break

B2B Creative of the Month

Sixty-three per cent of UK professionals regularly work after hours, at weekends, and through their lunch.

In an effort to help the capital relax a little, work management software company Workfront set up an oasis of calm in the otherwise bustling Spitalfields Market in London.

Busy London workers were encouraged to take a load off, have a relaxing massage, or contribute to the Buddhist themed colouring mural.

Take a Break with Workfront

Creative of the Month: April B2B Marketing

In-house agency OLIVER sent a team of staff out to the Kianjai region of Kenya to represent its own charity Oliver & Learn.

This was the first time a team from the agency, set up in 2014, were able to visit the area and see what their funds have been helping to achieve.

The charity supports 13 schools in the region, supporting over 200 kids in their secondary school education.


Adobe releases ‘Snakebite’ ad video

Snakebite: How's Your Customer Experience? | Adobe Marketing Cloud

Adobe has released a new advertising video making fun of poorly placed mobile ads.

The video features two hikers caught in the middle of a crisis, unable to use their smartphones due to irritating and irrelevant advertising.

Adobe hopes the video will help underline the importance of engaging customers with relevant content and the pitfalls of bad customer experience.