10 B2B myths expelled

We’ve identified 10 B2B myths parading as facts. Claire Weekes investigates and gathers evidence to dispel them forever
There are many misconceptions about B2B marketing. How many times have you heard it described as dull? We on the inside know this is far from the case. Thanks to the online revolution, B2B marketing has been given new life, and these days there is no reason why a business brand can’t make a quirky viral or deliver an innovative app.

But even B2B marketers can get bogged down by common assumptions such as ‘direct mail is dead’ or ‘it’s all about content and nothing else.’ So we’ve taken it upon ourselves to seek out 10 common statements made about B2B marketing and prove why each one is nothing more than a myth.

You can’t measure social media
Yes you can, as long as you are clear on what you are measuring against your objectives. Joe Edwards, head of strategy at Brand Engage and a member of the IDM Advisory Council argues marketers often look at channel or campaign effectiveness when they should be looking at the bigger picture. “Social media is not just a short-term game. By setting objectives and using the correct tools and methodologies you can measure how effective social media is to your bottom line,” he says.