10 B2B myths expelled 2

Content is king
Content marketing is talked about to death these days and you’ve possibly even read more than one article with the above three words in the title. Brands often clamour to produce the best blog or social media content, yet it is still only one part of a much bigger marketing mix.
“Thinking of content in isolation is dangerous,” warns James Trezona, managing director at Mason Zimbler. He continues: “Emphasising the ‘what’ we say without equal weight to the ‘why’ can easily distract from the true challenge of making connections with audiences. 
“There seems to be a misguided belief at the heart of many content marketing strategies that quantity should be the driver. How many times have we been told we should blog at least once a week, tweet every day, spend three hours a week on LinkedIn? It is all a myth. The reality is people only bother reading your content if it is relevant, interesting and useful.
“So who, or what, is king? Surely it is the customer. Their needs and wants should form the centre-point of marketing activity. By working strategically to give them what they want, when they want it, we can earn their favour,” he says.
Trezona sums up: “We could look at content as simply being the official state car. It can convey the true king to where they want to go. But without data to give direction, and creativity for fuel, you’re never going to get there.”

I must make a video now
Like social media, or even just pure ‘content’ as described previously, some B2B brands jump on the bandwagon when it comes to video production and believe they simply must do it, just because it’s cool. Coupled with the fact smartphones now allow us to take decent quality footage and upload it to the likes of YouTube or Vimeo in an instant, it’s easy to see why the internet is awash with poor-quality video marketing.
Miles suggests: “Only make a video if you have something for which video is the correct format and you have the facilities – both IT and human – to produce well-constructed, visually dynamic output.”
Simon Baker, business development director at ITN Productions warns: “If some initial strategic thinking is not carried out then you can quite quickly start to create poor quality or inconsistently branded content. Work with experts who have experience in establishing content strategy and in building the on-screen branding guidelines and video assets,” 

he advises.