The 10 golden rules for martech success

Dr Chris Boorman, marketing leader EMEA and APAC, Forcepoint shares the top 10 tips for making your marketing technology a success. Kavita Singh reports. 

Be data driven, not delirious

It is important to stay on top of your data processes. Being in control of your data in the B2B world will be imperative to understanding what your goals are in the first place. If you can understand the pipeline and the conversion metrics at every stage of the funnel, then you can start looking at your data, and draw conclusions on what issues have developed.

Chris used to work for a business automation vendor as its CMO a few years ago, and at the time, the company saw the conversion from web visitors to fulfils was less than 0.2%.

Because of the poor showing, Chris brought in an agency to help the company rework all of the pages and how it presented the information to make it more engaging and emotive. It moved the corporate lingo to a human engagement perspective, and the result showed an increase from 0.2% to 7%. 

He says: “Believe me, there are always areas for improvement. Don't try and boil the ocean though, take it step by step, and issues with lead flow and data won’t be too tricky to spot. Identify what is causing them and focus on the technology, people and processes, and this will be the only way to get a comprehensive lay of the land.”