10 public speaking top tips from those in the know

A somersaulting stomach and sense of impending doom can only mean one thing: public speaking. Jess Pike asks three seasoned B2B-ers for their top tips.

Fabio Torlini, MD, WP Engine: Once you have a specific topic or issue nailed down, it becomes easier to get up in front of a large crowd of people. And the good news is that once you’ve spoken on a topic, putting yourself forward becomes easier and before you know it you'll start to be considered an expert in the area.
Spencer Waldron, regional director (Europe), Prezi: The best speakers on the planet use the same guiding principles: they talk about what they’re passionate about, they obsess on how to give value to the audience, they learn to be great storytellers and they’re curious about human behaviour.

2. Choose the right event for you and your brand

Fabio: Make sure you choose an event that’ll be mutually beneficial; there’s no point speaking at events that fall outside of your message, expertise or business objectives simply because they reach a wide audience. Often these will cost money and you'll waste valuable time that you could have spent selecting speaking opportunities that advance both yourself and your business.