5 B2B brands winning at personalisation

The line between personal and downright creepy is a fine one. We speak to experts including Ignite 2017 speaker Jenna Tiffany about which B2B brands are striking the right balance.

We know we bang on about these guys a lot, but it’s because so much of what they do resonates with experts in the B2B space. Jenna Tiffany, Ignite 2017 speaker and founder and strategy director of Let’s Talk Strategy, is a big fan too. “MailChimp really go on a journey with their business customers as soon as they create an account,” she says. “For example, if you don’t create a campaign to be sent out a couple of weeks after signing up, MailChimp will send you a personalised email containing tips and guides on how to build your first campaign. This is what a truly relevant communication should be about and what a value exchange should look like. Then as soon as you log-in to the platform you're greeted by your personal user name and a highlight of stats on the performance of your email campaigns and any latest amends or campaigns created in your account.”