5 common leadership mistakes you’re most likely making (and how to avoid them)

Everyone’s suffered a B2B blunder or two, but how do great leaders turn failure into fortune? Here, five senior marketers reveal their biggest career mistakes, from the wrong tech and metrics to communication errors – and how they turned things around

Banking on a cure-all

Ian Bennison, marketing operations director at TMF Group, was after a quick fix. His teams were heavily reliant on communicating by email, which caused friction when messages were missed. In a bid to manage resource, budget and communications, Ian bought a marketing resource tool. “All our marketing directors thought it was perfect, so we agreed a three-year contract,” he says. “But when we tried to implement it, we found it didn’t fit and was far too complex. That’s when the troubles began.” The tool was binned after two years, and in the third year it was hardly used.

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