5 reasons why martech is back on the CMO's agenda

The growth in scale and power of martech has been stratospheric, with an explosion of hype and investment in platforms and systems, many of which are barely out of their ‘beta’ development phase. But is that all about to change?

Are we on the cusp of a profound re-evaluation of martech deployed and utilised by B2B marketers? This was the question we sought to address in a major new report, created in conjunction with Stein IAS.

To build a picture for this report, Joel Harrison personally interviewed nine senior marketers in leading B2B organisations on different sides of the Atlantic, to understand their martech strategy, the challenges they have faced, and where they believe the future lies. These interviews were some of the most prescient and interesting that he has conducted in 14 years of running B2B Marketing, and provide a fascinating perspective of an industry (if not a profession) in a state of transition.

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  • Why CMOs don't want the future of martech to be dictated by vendors.