6 steps to transform into a high-performance marketing team

Two years ago Thomson Reuters embarked on a major transformation programme that resulted in the team winning marketing team of the year at the B2B Marketing Awards. VP of marketing Gary Hurry explains the six key steps that allowed marketers to fulfil their potential, deliver fantastic work and have a great time

All journeys have to begin somewhere, and the starting point for Thomson Reuters two years ago was to gather all its marketers together. But before it did, it asked them to send a picture of what working in marketing felt like for them at the time.

“We heard a lot of was people running on a hamster wheel, faster and faster each year but not getting anywhere,” says Hurry. “We had a lot of people talking about a finger-pointing culture within the organisation, that was very prevalent in sales and marketing. The final one was feeling of being pulled in all different directions. The modern marketer needs to be a multi-headed beast – and expert in many different things with many different priorities.”

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