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6 tweaks to supercharge your website

A website is much like Madonna. It needs to constantly reinvent itself to stay relevant. This doesn’t have to mean a complete rebuild every few months, sometimes small tweaks can lead to hugely powerful results. We asked marketers to share some examples of quick changes they’ve made that are easy to replicate.

Sprucing up existing content to drive conversions

Dan Smith, digital marketing consultant, Quadrotech

What was the situation?

In early 2019 we started a large-scale digital review. We have ambitious goals and wanted to understand where we could make improvements, but also what we had in place that we could enhance and develop further.

Our blog has long been our biggest traffic driver, and at the time of the review was approaching 1,000 individual posts. These posts, produced over the course of six years (and targeting our audience with everything from technical walkthroughs to industry discussions) accounted for two thirds of our site’s traffic in 2018. Yet we were doing nothing to convert these visitors.