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6 ways to drive maximum value from your events

It’s an age-old marketing conundrum – how can marketers deliver maximum ROI from events? We speak to those in the know to find out. Love them or loathe them, gimmicks have definitely earned themselves a place at exhibitor stands. Nick Houldsworth, CMO at Vend, tells us about the time his team exhibited at a big trade show (the National Retail Conference) in New York many years ago. “We were up against our biggest competitors like Microsoft – many of whom had these really amazing stands – and we just had a 3x3 slot in the corner,” he says.

“We knew we couldn’t beat them on price so we tried to out-creative them. We went and bought loads of bottles of hot sauce, labelled them with the Vend logo (we called them Awesome Sauce) and before you know it, we had a queue of people at the stand. It was a great way of giving ourselves the edge over our competition and made us immediately more memorable.”