7 tips for making remote working more productive

Making remote working our daily routine has been an adjustment for everyone during COVID-19. In the blink of an eye, we’re exchanging the break room for trips to the fridge, trading in our suit shirts for our tracksuits and endlessly fiddling with the Wifi. So how do we practice remote working more effectively as we ease into the new normal? Kavita Singh breaks down key tips. 

  1. Cover  the basics: If you’re already struggling with staff symbiosis, make sure the basics are covered. It’s easy to feel overwhelmed and distant from your team right now, so if you’re already feeling disorganised among your staff, make sure these questions are all answered:

    1. Is everyone supported wherever their new home office may be? 

    2. Do staff have access to all relevant home/mobile numbers?

    3. Does everyone have all password and log-in access for relevant platforms?

    4. Is everyone using the same platforms?

If the answer to any of these is ‘no’, then there might be a simple solution to the panic. Overcommunication is key, so sit down with anyone who might be out of the loop and reassess. If you’re the one feeling out of the loop, then schedule a Zoom meeting with the appropriate colleagues.