9 top tips for marketers looking to recruit

Below-par CVs and over-zealous recruiters can both be avoided, discovers Jess Pike. She speaks to those in the know about how to make the recruitment process a whole lot easier

1. Don’t worry too much about the qualifications

James Elias, CMO, AVADO: I never pay too much attention to the degree and qualifications – having worked in high-growth companies I’m actually more likely to be looking for people who also have experience of these high-growth environments. Such experience implies they know how to work in an agile way – that they’re athletes who can cope with change and ambiguity and pivot from one role to the next.

2. Don’t underestimate the power of your network

Rachel Smith, HR manager, JJ Marketing: Networking events and external training courses can be good places to find talent. We also have an employee referral scheme where existing colleagues are rewarded if they help us attract the best talent through their own networks. Keeping a candidate database is also helpful. Have you interviewed someone previously who didn’t quite have the experience at the time, but may have since developed further?

Michelle Huff, CMO, Act-On Software: When looking to recruit I always reach out to people I know first. Cultural fit is really important: it’s about more than looking good on paper and interviewing well. It’s always great to know someone who’s seen the individual in question in action.