Addressing sales enablement goals

The survey continued with some questions about specific elements of SE: training, content and customer insights. 

B2B sales training is mostly static with room for improvement

When asked who is responsible for seller training, 33% reported that there is a resource for that in the sales organisation. 15%, meanwhile, have the resource in marketing, and a significant 37% said ‘it depends on the project’, which would imply that there is actually nobody responsible – a product manager training the sales team before a launch should not count as sales enablement. 

The next question was about whether there is a software platform in place for seller education. An incredible 34% (the #1 response to this question) replied ‘don’t know’ – a worrying indication of how little attention some B2B marketers afford to the sales process of their own company. It’s no wonder that marketing/sales alignment is a challenge in these cases. Some 27% of the companies revealed that the corporate learning management system (LMS) is used for sales training, while 13% have a separate sales training system.