Agency expansion: When the going gets tough, the tough go global

The fastest growing B2B agencies are embracing global operations and strategic consultancy services as never before, demonstrating unprecedented levels of confidence, relevance and market maturity. However, there’s no quick fix for the war on talent, which is only escalating. Joel Harrison reports.

In uncertain economic times, one of the first things that’s supposed to suffer is marketing - and to steal a phrase, ‘when B2B marketers sneeze, it’s generally the agencies that catch a cold’. So with the headwinds of Brexit, the US/China trade war and the conflict with Iran, it seems likely that the UK’s B2B agencies might be feeling the effects. But it couldn’t be much further from the truth – at least not for the agencies at the top of this year’s B2B Marketing Fastest Growing Agencies League Table.

Agencies have put in sterling performances during the period in question (financial year 2018-19). They’ve achieved significant year-on-year income growth – and what’s more, all are proud to report this has continued into the current financial year (2019-20). If there are flashes in the pan, you won’t find them here.