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ANALYSIS: Beautifully simple marketing

Marketing in the beauty sector operates on a Jekyll and Hyde basis. The consumer side is characterised by excess and wild expense (£18 million ads and Cristal parties) whereas traits usually reserved for the caring profession apply to its B2B side. Virtues such as patience, consistency and reliability are demanded of its B2B marketer because the channel – beauty therapists and salon-owners – need nurturing advising and guiding when it comes to marketing issues.

Unlike channel marketing in the IT or automobile industry where the intermediaries are sales people, the majority of beauty therapists are not. Many of them qualify as young as 17 after an eight-month course in beauty therapy, which skims the marketing and – to a large extent – the business side of running a salon.

Beauty companies have perfected their part in ensuring that they and their salons stay in business. The crux of their success is simplicity, everything from the brand's philosophy to the methods of communication are straightforward and uncomplicated.