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ANALYSIS: Buy the book

Writing a book is certainly a mammoth task - but it's one that some B2B organisations seem to be taking on willingly, in a bid to position themselves more effectively, or to bolster their thought leadership strategies. Take, for example, Eloqua's Digital Body Language, Salesforce's Behind the Cloud, and two recently produced 'For Dummies' guides - B2B Marketing for Dummies and Service Chain Optimization for Dummies, by IAS B2B Marketing and ClickSoftware respectively.

It may seem a surprising trend, given the migration to all things digital - often at the expense of print - and the sheer amount of work involved in writing and publishing a book. Why, then, are B2B marketers choosing to go down this route?

Rob Morrice, MD of IAS B2B Marketing, which published B2B Marketing for Dummies earlier this year, and 101 Clichés - B2B's most notorious creative faux pas, last year, says that the rewards of publishing a book for thought leadership marketing purposes are phenomenal. "The book [101 Clichés] won us six industry awards," he says. "It was the best thing we ever did. It's given us a profile for being a creative agency that we never had."