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ANALYSIS: Have you gone too far with digital?

When it was announced in March that the Advertising Association had agreed to the extension of the Committee of Advertising Practice (CAP) code's remit to non-paid for digital media, it was perhaps hard to envisage exactly how it will affect marketers. The proposed regulations will mean that any digital marketing communications outside the paid-for arena, such as brand's activity on its own website, a social media site or blog, will fall within the scope of the code.

The remit extension has been broadly welcomed - understandable when nearly two thirds of complaints about online marketing activity do not currently fall under the advertising code.

Currently the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA)'s remit covers paid-for digital marketing such as banners, pop-ups, paid search, and virals, and the remit extension hopes to “plug the regulatory gap.” Last year it is estimated that over 2500 complaints were made about non-paid for digital marketing activity, none of which could be investigated.