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ANALYSIS: Virgin territory for B2B telecoms

The relaunch of NTL Telewest Business as Virgin Media Business is exciting for the B2B space - not least because we don't get to witness B2B campaigns with 'seven figure' budgets very often. A month long, the campaign features a humorous broadcast-quality ad featuring the 'IT guy' as a hero for having chosen Virgin Media Business, and a variety of out-of-home, online and trade press ads.

The strapline for the newly created Virgin Media Business brand reads 'Powerful business stuff' - as opposed to Virgin Media's 'powerful stuff'. So no great leap from its consumer sibling, yet it was over three years ago now that Virgin Media was launched. Why the wait?

Virgin puts the delay down to 'timing and operational reasons'. "It's been quite a strange journey," admits George Wareing, head of strategy and marketing communications at Virgin Media Business. "We wanted to rebrand three years ago, but Virgin Media was just launching and the focus was on shaking up consumers."